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UCSD Center

for Mindfulness

Free guided meditations and mindful movement

For Healthcare Professionals


Guided R.A.I.N Practice for difficult emotions

Join Dr. Schiff as she leads a session for healthcare professionals.

This is a 24 min practice to bring awareness and compassion to difficult situations. The RAIN practice was created by Tara Brach and is adapted here. Consider journaling about what comes up or talking to a trusted friend about your experience.

Guided Practice

Body Scan

19 min Body Scan
00:00 / 19:15
18 min Body Scan with Dr. Karin Schiff
00:00 / 18:45

Awareness of breath

5 min Awareness of Breath with Dr
00:00 / 04:56
10 min Awareness of Breath
00:00 / 10:08
20 min Inner Knowing with Dr
00:00 / 19:40

Settling into calm

18 min Settling Into Calm AUDIO- Mindful
00:00 / 17:48

Letting go of expectations

20min Non-Striving meditation AUDIO
00:00 / 19:42

Dealing with uncertainty

19min Uncertainty with Dr. Karin Schiff
00:00 / 19:46
45 min Body Scan with Dr
00:00 / 45:06

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