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Discover the benefits of mindfulness

Cultivate joy, fulfillment and better relationships.

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Meditation Class

For Everyone

Reconnect with your inner wisdom, cultivate a different response to stress and DEVELOP A CALM JOYFUL PRESENCE


In these challenging times it is more important than ever to develop a healthier response to stress, fear and difficult emotions.  Dr. Schiff can help you move from a place of overwhelm and busy “doing” to a state of calm, joyful, “being”.

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For Healthcare Professionals



Health professionals should not have to sacrifice their own wellbeing for the sake of their careers. In these times it is common for health professionals to feel burdened by rules, inefficient EMRs, and the pressure to be “productive”. They may be burned out and struggle with feelings of guilt or overwhelm.


Healers should be healthy in mind and body. Dr. Schiff leads evidence-based programs for healthcare professionals to increase joy, connection, and meaning. Participants will develop a healthier response to stress, reconnect to their sense of purpose, strengthen relationships, and ultimately improve the quality of the care they provide.


Karin Schiff, MD

Doctor - Mindfulness teacher - Mother

I’m Canadian-born with roots in Morocco, Spain, and Poland. California is my home. I love travel, hiking, being in nature, yoga, enjoying a good book, and snuggling with my kids. Growing up with immigrant roots in Montreal, I learned the values of family, hard work, and service to others.


I strive to live authentically, and to challenge myself to continuously grow and learn.


As a doctor I cherish my relationships with patients and am honored to be their partner in health. As challenging as medical practice can be, it has been so rewarding to learn how I may be useful to others.  I am always learning how to show up for myself and to those in my life. Mindfulness has been a tremendous gift; by becoming more present, it has allowed me to slow down and hone in on what matters in any given moment. Mindfulness has also helped me manage my chronic migraines. If this practice can transform my experience of living, I feel called to share it with others. 


Teaching mindful practices to others brings me joy, fulfillment and meaning.


Dr. Karin Schiff grew up in Montreal, Canada, where she attended McGill University Medical School. Dr. Schiff completed her Family Medicine Residency at University of California, San Diego in 2004, serving as Chief Resident. After residency she began practicing primary care at Neighborhood, providing high quality care to low-income patients of all ages. At Neighborhood, she held several leadership roles including Clinical Team Leader, Medical Director of Quality, and Director of Clinician Wellness. Dr. Schiff is on the Board of Directors of the Mindful Healthcare Collective, a community of healers that came together to address clinician distress during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Dr. Schiff is a Facilitator of Mindful Practice®, a program developed at the University of Rochester that aims to improve the quality of care that doctors provide while improving their own resilience and well-being. Dr. Schiff is a teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), trained through the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Dr. Schiff facilitates small and large group wellness activities for audiences of all kinds.  Dr. Schiff has led in-person and online wellness retreats for over 80 participants. She also ran numerous smaller-group sessions focusing on mindfulness, communication, resilience, and the intersection of art and medicine. She is committed to improving the lives of her patients, co-workers, colleagues, and others who want to live their best lives. Dr. Schiff lives in San Diego with her husband and 2 sons.

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